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Waterproofing and Crack repair

Water will always find the path of least resistance… sometimes this leads right into your basement. When this happens, it is important to address ALL aspects of the problem. If only one portion of the problem is attended to and other aspects ignored, water will find it’s way back. Tackling all of the issues, thoroughly, is the surest way of stopping water penetration problems permanently. Our proven method will keep water out of your basement for good.

Small cracks in the foundation may be fixed by an exterior repair method. We feel this is more of a permanent solution. Excavation is done to the footing. When excavation is completed, we will chip the crack creating a v groove profile. Water test is done to ensure weeping tile system is functional. Next we fill the crack with a fast Crete compound.

The final stage is to apply a Dimpled Membrane system over the area, terminate all three sides with termination strips and urathane caulking. Remove existing fill, (off site) and install 3/4″ clear stone to grade level, final install geology and top soil.