Basement Waterproofing Ottawa – Since 1992, we have been waterproofing basements in Ottawa. If you are noticing water seeping into your basement then please contact us for reliable basement waterproofing in Ottawa.

basement waterproofing ottawa - dimpled membrane on the exterior of basement

Depending on the cause of water seepage, we do basement waterproofing from the exterior or from the interior itself.

Mr. Foundation has expertise in foundation repair and basement waterproofing in Ottawa.

If you want a long-term solution, then you will agree that it is important to find the true cause of water seepage into your basement. So we suggest that you should book a professional evaluation.

If water is attacking your basement from outside, you need to stop it outside or manage it outside. If that’s not done, sooner or later, water will find its way in, or do some other damage.

Want a free professional evaluation?

If you contact us now, our expert team can visit your property within 48 hours.

An untrained eye might miss the big picture, or imagine a problem where none exists.

Our expert team can give you an unbiased, true report on your basement water seepage.

basement waterproofing ottawa - dimpled membrane applied to fix basement leak in ottawa

How does our basement waterproofing solution compare to other basement waterproofing companies in Ottawa?

Mr. Foundation is one of the most experienced basement waterproofing companies in Ottawa.

1. We specialize in basement and foundation repairs in Ottawa. Our staff is fully trained in all aspects of basement waterproofing. The experience of our staff is unmatched.

2. Our process is very robust. You will get 10 years written transferrable warranty from a company you can trust.

3. We are 100% insured, including shoring insurance (over and above the standard liability insurance), which only a handful of basement waterproofing companies in Ottawa carry.

4. Mr. Foundation has worked on thousands of properties and would be proud to provide you a list of homes we have waterproofed in your area.

5. We work fast – an expert assessment and written quote will be provided within 48 hours.

6. We are an all-weather company. We solve foundation and water proofing problems in winter too. No job is too difficult for us.


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Our diagnosis is always honest, and in your best interest.

What is your basement waterproofing solution? Can you fix leaky basement from the inside? Or is excavation always necessary?

It’s very attractive to use a sealant or coating to stop basement leaks from inside. It costs less and there are so many basement waterproofing contractors giving lifetime warranty for such repairs. But remember this is only covering the problem, not solving it for good. The water that caused the basement leak is still there and will find its way back in. Don’t believe us – read what this university study (reviewed in 2018) has to say :

“It is appealing to solve a basement moisture problem with a membrane or coating on the inside. It is less expensive than a drainage system and seems to work for a time in some cases. The water is still there, however, and eventually these systems deteriorate or simply move the water to another pathway into the basement.”

However, excavation is not always necessary.

If you see
– water coming up through basement floor after heavy rains, or
– water coming into the basement where the walls meet the floor, or
– water seeping through basement floor cracks, or
– water seeping up through concrete garage floor

then this basement leak might be fixed from the inside, by using internal drainage systems and sump pumps. See this page for more details.

Please contact us for a free professional diagnosis, to get a free quote for reliable basement waterproofing in Ottawa.


While other basement waterproofing contractors try to oversell you, or have to come out several times to fix their own errors, Mr. foundation gets it right the first time, at a fair price. No repeated problems, no overselling. Good old honestly is the best policy.

Our proven methods will keep water out of your basement for good.
We give full 10 years written transferable warranty.

Want an approximate price?

Our expert team can visit your property for a free diagnosis.


We solve

  • Basement flooding repair – If your basement is flooding with water then call us at the earliest. We will find the cause and fix it for good.
  • Basement foundation repair / Basement foundation cracks / Basement floor crack repair are our specialty. Call us for a quote.
  • Basement drainage system
  • Basement wall cracks / Basement wall leaking /any type of basement wall waterproofing.
  • Leaky basement window well
  • and almost any basement water leakage or seepage situations

Get free evaluation and detailed quotes. Please contact us for basement waterproofing in Ottawa.

No false promises. Correct diagnosis. Affordable, Reliable repairs.

We recommend that you take at least 3 quotes.

Check each company’s experience, equipment, and insurance, and then decide.

”My basement is usable now. You did waterproofing at my house about 18 months back. This year it has rained a lot but there has been no water intrusion into my basement. I want to thank Todd. He and his team did the job well.”

– Rob Waitworth, Orleans