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Foundation repair Ottawa -Reliable foundation crack repair and foundation waterproofing in Ottawa. We do it once, we do it right. Contact us for foundation repair Ottawa.

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Foundation Restoration Ottawa
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Do not over-spend or neglect the real problem.

Most foundation repair contractors might rush to declare your situation a big problem!

What you really need is an expert opinion you can trust.



Mr. Foundation promises:

  • Correct diagnosis of your foundation problem.
  • Proper foundation repair
  • Reliable foundation waterproofing

Protect your biggest investment. You have worked hard for your property.

Do not over-spend or neglect the real problem.

Call us to get an honest evaluation, without any hype.

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BBB foundation repair

     BBB, GOHBA, RENOMARK Accredited

Many homes saved and restored in the last 24 years. Call 613.746.7300.

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Foundation repair is possible in winter.

There is no need to wait for spring. Foundation repair is less costly in the early stages. So, do not wait. Save your money and protect your biggest investment by repairing your foundation now. Read more here - foundation repair in the winter or call 613.746.7300.


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Foundation Repair Ottawa - Suggested steps for foundation repair

Foundation repair Ottawa step 1 - Get correct evaluation.

Foundation cracks can be disturbing but all visible cracks are not serious, nor are they always costly to repair.

Almost all Ottawa foundation repair companies give free quotes.

So, first call two or more good foundation repair companies to correctly evaluate your property.

It is important that you call good foundation repair companies you can trust.

Example, a Homestar reviewer mentions about us

“The estimate(s) provided by Patrick was, in my opinion, an honest appraisal of the required repairs and was provided without hype or pressure.”

foundation repair ottawa reviews

This is what Kathy Hamill in Ottawa had to say about us:

In particular I want to thank Todd for his astute assessment of the follow up moisture and tracing of that to what was ultimately not a foundation problem. I can see that other companies might not take the time to do that detective work, and instead choose to recommend a solution that would provide them with costly digging work.

Foundation repair is blown out of proportion by many Ottawa foundation repair contractors.

You must choose a foundation repair company with knowledgeable staff, and experience in Ottawa foundation repair.

Choose a company with your best interest in mind.


Ottawa Foundation repair step 2 - If possible, try to be present at the time of inspection.

The foundation repair companies will come separately for foundation inspections.

You are busy, but if possible, please try to be physically present during at least two such inspections.

Please pay careful attention to what the foundation repair company has to say about the condition of your property and its foundation.


Foundation repairs Ottawa step 3 - Compare notes. Choose your foundation repair contractor

Did all foundation repair companies give similar diagnosis?

If there is significant variation in the diagnosis of foundation repair companies, then you could consider calling an independent structural engineer for a second opinion.

If the diagnosis of all Ottawa foundation repair companies was similar, then you could choose your Ottawa foundation repair contractor on the following basis:

  • Years of experience in Ottawa foundation repair. How long has the company been doing foundation repair in Ottawa?
  • Industry recognition - Is the staff knowledgeable? Do they know enough about Ottawa foundations? Does the staff get on-going training? Are they current with new technology in foundation repair?
  • Shoring insurance - Shoring insurance is very important for foundation repair, yet, very few companies in Ottawa have this coverage.
  • Online reviews - It is impossible to please everyone. However, is the general trend of online reviews positive?
  • References - Ask the company for local Ottawa foundation repair references.
  • Warranties - What kind of warranties are provided? And what are their limitations? Transferable warranties add value if you want to sell your property later.
  • The quotation - what is included in the quotation for foundation repair.
  • Memberships of certified organizations like the Ottawa Construction Association, GOHBA, Renomark, BBB etc.
  • Engineered solutions - Ask if they work with engineers to insure 3rd party liability. Ask if they use 3rd party certification for work - Engineer certified and stamped.
  • Safety - Are all employees trained with the Ontario Safety Board?

As a property owner, it is important that you understand your property's actual condition and then choose the right Ottawa foundation repair company.

If you choose the right foundation repair company then everything else should follow smoothly.

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Ottawa foundation repair services provided by Mr. Foundation

foundation crack repair ottawa

Foundation crack repair Ottawa - Stone, Concrete block and Concrete foundation repair

Honest evaluation, reliable crack repairs and transferable warranties make us different. Please call us for foundation crack repair Ottawa.

A cracked foundation always requires proper evaluation and correct foundation crack repair. Foundation crack repair must focus on solving the problem causing foundation cracks. Just repairing the physical crack should never be the goal.

There is a lot of debate about concrete foundation repair using using epoxy or polyurethane injections and their suitability in Ottawa weather and soil conditions. As an expert foundation repair company in Ottawa, with vast experience in concrete foundation repair, we feel that general statements cannot be made on this topic. Each cracked foundation is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits.

However, one definite fact is that small foundation cracks are much cheaper to repair.

Many property owners ignore early signs of foundation failure. Small foundation cracks get underestimated. However, logically thinking, if foundation repair companies in Ottawa offer free inspections, then why should you not call them for a professional foundation inspection, while the foundation cracks are still small?

Most property owners worry that foundation companies might make a mountain out of a molehill, so they wait to see if the problem will grow? This is wrong and very costly.

You can call us for free evaluation even if you are only noticing small cracks in your foundation.

There can be numerous reasons for foundation cracks. You could read our page about Foundation crack repair but if you want correct evaluation, and a solution to your foundation cracks, then please call 613.746.7300 to get a free estimate for foundation crack repair Ottawa.

Eliminate your worries and be confident - Call us for a professional examination of your cracked foundation.

Our foundation crack repair estimates are absolutely free and always in your best interest.

Do not over-spend or neglect the real problem.


foundation waterproofing ottawa basement waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing - 10 years transferable warranty on Ottawa basement waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing done right. A basement without worries - this simple promise has built Mr. Foundation’s reputation as a trusted foundation waterproofing company for over 24 years. Please call 613.746.7300 for foundation waterproofing.

Water will always find the path of least resistance. Unfortunately, sometimes this leads right into your basement. When this happens, it is important to address ALL aspects of foundation waterproofing.

Foundation waterproofing can be done from the interior, as well as the exterior of the basement. Foundation leak repair companies can choose either method for basement waterproofing. In both cases, it is important to find the actual basement leak source. This is where experience matters.

We have done foundation waterproofing all across Ottawa and there have been numerous cases where competitors suggested costly digging work but the problem was solved without any digging, with minimal damage to the interior.

Please do consult us. We give free quotes and expert advice on foundation waterproofing. Please call 613.746.7300 for reliable foundation waterproofing.

Interested? Please contact us.

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foundation restoration ottawa

Foundation Restoration Ottawa - Ottawa Foundation Leveling - Structural Foundation Repair

Foundation restoration Ottawa and Ottawa foundation leveling using patented Ram Jack® technology for reliable structural foundation repair. Save your property with full 20 years written transferable warranty, from a foundation restoration company you can trust. Please call 613.746.7300 for Foundation restoration Ottawa.

Structural repairs Ottawa - Did you know that very few companies in Ottawa have the experience and shoring-insurance for structural repairs? Mr. Foundation has a fully qualified team, experienced staff and full insurance coverage (including shoring insurance) for structural repairs in Ottawa. We have saved many houses in Ottawa. Do call us to get a free quote.

Foundation helical piers - When required, we use Ram Jack® patented steel piles to support your failing foundation. These piles permanently remain in place and can be raised or lowered to relieve the stress being experienced by your property.

Ram Jack® was the first helical pier manufacturer to receive accreditation through the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), the U.S. leader for evaluating compliance with commercial and residential building codes. Ram Jack’s® patented steel piles provide distinct and lasting benefits over concrete piers, as well as superior strength and benefits over competing steel piles.

Carbon fiber/ Kevlar solutions for lifetime repair of foundation walls - Basement walls can also fail over time due to increased hydro-static pressure. Mr. Foundation uses patented Fortress carbon fiber solutions to solve these water related problems. The unique Fortress Carbon Fiber/Kevlar Grid System delivers properties unmatched in the market today.

Please call 613.746.7300 for Ottawa foundation levelling and foundation restoration in Ottawa.

Do not over-spend or neglect the real problem.


foundation repair company Mr Foundation Ottawa

Foundation repair company, Mr. Foundation - an Ottawa foundation contractor you can trust

Ottawa foundation contractors, Mr. Foundation has been a specialist foundation repair company in Ottawa for more than 2 decades.

We are based in Gloucester, Ottawa, but we do foundation repair in entire Ottawa valley, including Rockland, Cumberland, Orleans, Greely, Manotick, Nepean, Kanata, Stittsville and more.

Mr. Foundation is a foundation repair company associated with many professional trade organizations.

Interested? Please contact us.

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foundation specialist ottawa - foundation experts

Foundation Specialist Ottawa - Call Mr. Foundation at 613.746.7300 if you need Foundation Experts you can trust.

Foundation specialist Ottawa - Mr Foundation Inc has saved many houses in Ottawa, serving as trustworthy foundation experts for more than two decades. We serve the entire Ottawa-Carleton region. We are confident that we can provide you with a cost effective, reliable solutions to your foundation concerns. Call 613.746.7300 to start the conversation with foundation experts you can trust.


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Mr. Foundation Reviews

Mr. Foundation is an expert foundation repair company in Ottawa.

You can find numerous positive reviews about Mr. Foundation because we believe in our motto, "Do it once. Do it right."

Mr. Foundation is a trusted Ottawa foundation contractor for more than two decades.

We are a family business. Being a good member of the Ottawa community is important to us.

Many customers directly shared testimonials with us. You can read them at Mr. Foundation Reviews page.

HomeStars also has Mr. Foundation reviews :

Some reviews from Mr. Foundation's HomeStars profile

“Cracks running from the front of the house almost to the back were repaired to my satisfaction.The crews were competent,efficient and neat,always cleaning up daily, when they left...”READ MORE

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“Mr. Foundation had completed the restoration of one-side of the house foundation of my Dad's house, built in the 1960's, which was leaking water into the basement causing mold in 2013...”READ MORE

testimonial-jackJlandrevilleOttawa, Canada

“Patrick and his team were great to work with. They went above and beyond, answered all of my questions, and made some great recommendations. The team was here when they said they... ”READ MORE

testimonial-jackStewartOttawa, Canada


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