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Egress windows Ottawa – Safe, bright basements that surpass the minimum standards of the Ontario Building Code. Call (613) 746-7300 for basement egress windows Ottawa.

Natural sunlight, Improved ventilation, and Easy egress

What to expect when you call Mr. Foundation for Egress Windows in Ottawa?

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Estimate Response within 24 hours

Free professional evaluation by our highly trained project consultant to give you the correct estimate within 24 hours.  Discuss current Building Code Requirements. Create Engineered Permit Ready Drawings.

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Site preparation

Crew leader inspection of site, taking picures, site preparation and plywood protection

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Excavation and Waterproofing

  • Excavation/ Soil removal off site.
  • Ministry of Labour shoring requirements
  • Perform Scope of Work according to the Engineer’s specifications / City permits
  • Opening of Egress / Installation of window
  • Air gap membrane applied as second level of protection against water.
  • Backfill area of excavation 3/4 clear stone – topdown.
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Clean up and Restoration

  • Replace top soil
  • Clean up construction site
  • Complete final inspection report
  • Engineer / Inspection sign off
  • Provide you with all pictures and final documents in the Mr. Foundation customer portal.

Completely hassle free basement window installation and repair in Ottawa

Basement Egress Windows by Mr Foundation – Installation, Replacement, & Waterproofing

egress windows ottawa - window well

Egress Window/ Window Well Installation

ottawa window well replacement

Egress Window/ Window Well Replacement

ottawa basement egress window waterproofing

Window Well Waterproofing

Basement Windows vs. Egress Windows

Basement windows vary in size, shape and functionality. If a basement is unfinished, it may simply have small ventilation windows placed near the ceiling. Finished basements usually have larger, more functional windows. However, to be an egress, a window must open fully and basically be large enough to fit a person through, in the event of a fire or other emergency.

What We Provide

Mr. Foundation will supply all materials and perform and coordinate all work required for the installation of a new code compliant egress window. The new egress window well will have a stone look finish and includes a safety grate, debris cover and safety ladder for safe egress.

Mr. Foundation takes egress very seriously. Your safety and/or the safety of your tenant during a catastrophic event is paramount. After careful consideration of egress windows for bedrooms we have decided to take the initiative of creating a turnkey package that surpasses the minimum standards of the Ontario Building Code.


Egress Windows Saves Lives

Egress windows are a crucial addition to any basement, not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their life-saving potential. These windows provide an easily accessible exit in case of emergencies, such as a fire or natural disaster, allowing occupants to safely escape from the basement. Not only do egress windows comply with safety regulations, but they also provide natural light and ventilation to enhance the overall atmosphere of the basement. Investing in egress windows is not only a wise decision for the safety of your home but also for the added value and enjoyment of your basement space.

Transparency from Start to Finish.

Professional Assessment & Quotation

Transparent process & communication

24x7 Info at your finger tips

Easy access to all project details, at all times, from anywhere:

  • Estimates and Invoices
  • Timelines, schedules, status updates
  • Work in progress photos
  • Contracts, permits, design plans

Easy to work together

No missed calls, no missed records.. Every communication is responded by the correct team member.

  • Simplified communications with all messages at one place.
  • Simplified payments done at one place.

Mr. Foundation's Customer Portal makes it easy

Once you have booked an assessment, you will receive a secure web link to Mr. Foundation's customer portal for personalized customer experience., with all information at your finger tips.

We help you make more livable space by installing egress windows, or sometimes even by lifting the entire building!

We jacked up a 65 ton, 2 storey house in Ottawa to make more living space.

Watch this video to see how we did it.

basement egress window ottawa

Basement Egress Windows – Completely hassle-free experience

✔ We take care of everything.*

✔ We leave your property clean and in a better condition.

*Turnkey Service includes removal and reinstallation of hard landscape, air conditioners, interlock, wood decks, precast steps, asphalt, and similar hand landscaping and other fittings. For more details, please check our detailed quote.

Complete basement egress window solution in Ottawa

egress windows ottawa - complete with cover and safety grate

+ Heavy-duty 18 gauge galvanized steel construction which does not need extra bracing.

+ Double insulated vinyl window, with sliding sash, screen, and child-friendly lock from inside. “Tilt and Turn” model available.

 + Safety grate made of rolled angle iron steel and steel safety bars to keep people and pets safe.

 + Polycarbonate plastic cover to keep debris and excess water out.

 + Escape ladder to assist in emergency situations.

Planning basement egress windows in Ottawa?

Get at least 3 quotes. Check each company’s experience, equipment, and insurance, and then decide.

Photos of some of our recent basement window installations in Ottawa