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Structural Repair Ottawa – Engineered solutions to keep your property safe.

Structural Repair Ottawa – Call Mr. Foundation to get a custom-engineered solution for structural repair in Ottawa.

Structural repair Ottawa - Foundation replacement of a basement in Ottawa

Are you noticing any signs of structural damage?

Are you concerned about the stability of your home or building?

Don’t delay. Call us for a free professional evaluation.

Signs of Foundation failure:

signs of foundation failure inside house


1. Doors and windows misaligned.
2. Cracks in the drywall
3. Sticking doors and windows.
4. Sloping floor
5. Cracks in the floor or tile.

signs of foundation failure outside the house


6. Cracks in the brick
7. Gaps around doors and windows
8. Cracks in the foundation
9. Fascia board pulling away, or a leaning chimney

signs of foundation failure in the garage


10. Separation from the door.

11. Wall rotating.

12. Cracked brick.

signs of foundation failure inside the basement


13. Walls leaning in or out

14. Cracks in the wall

15. Water intrusion

10 Year transferable warranty on all Structural Repair in Ottawa

10 year waterproofing warranty for foundation crack repair in Ottawa

10 years transferable warranty

icon for foundation crack causing moisture and water seepage in Ottawa

Professional Evaluation & Quote

icon for foundation crack causing moisture and water seepage in Ottawa

Repair you can trust

impressed with the service

…we are most impressed with the service we have received so far in this… Toby has been excellent and your personal attention in this has been greatly appreciated. We are comfortable that we are ‘in good hands’.

Sandy Hingston, Ottawa

We do everything required for repair, and leave your property in the same or better condition.

What to expect when you call Mr. Foundation for structural repair in Ottawa?

Sometimes what might appear like a big problem to you, might be a tiny repair, and sometimes what might seem small may hint at a big problem.

So the first step is to call our trained technician to get the real picture. We offer free professional evaluation so you should make good use of it to remove all doubts that you might have.

Structural Repairs cannot be done with a cookie-cutter approach. Each project is unique.

So, depending on the severity of structural damage, the steps can vary for each project.

However, the following are the general steps we follow for structural repair in Ottawa:

site visit by structural technician for structural repair in Ottawa

1. Free site visit by our highly trained structural project consultant

A trained eye can find the difference between a tiny repair vs a real structural problem.

geotechnical structural investigation for structural repair in Ottawa

2. Engineered investigation - Geotechnical, structural, or both

An impartial, 3rd party engineer will do a professional inspection and provide a clear report.

Engineer reports for structural repair in Ottawa

3. Consult with you regarding engineer reports

geotechnical structural investigation for structural repair in Ottawa

4. Develop scope of work according to engineering specifications.

Engineer reports for structural repair in Ottawa

5. Get permits from the city

geotechnical structural investigation for structural repair in Ottawa

6. Engineer/ Operations review of drawings & scope of work

Engineer reports for structural repair in Ottawa

7. Consult with you regarding scope of work, budget and timelines.

geotechnical structural investigation for structural repair in Ottawa

8. Execute the work in accordance with engineer drawings & recommendations

emergency foundation rack repair in Ottawa

9. Ongoing site inspections by you, the city, operations, & engineers to make sure everything is correct and reliably repaired.

emergency foundation rack repair in Ottawa

10. Work complete! Close out documents, final inspection by the engineers & city inspections

Protect your biggest investment

Thousands of Ottawa homes repaired since 1992. Mr. Foundation is an expert you can trust.

Some common questions we get as a structural repair company in Ottawa

Are you insured? Do you have shoring insurance?

Yes… AND we are one of only a few Foundation Repair companies that can say that. We are fully insured under all facets of Labour (WISB), Structural repairs (shoring), and product liabilities.

Mr. Foundation carries shoring liability insurance WHICH IS IN ADDITION to standard general contracting liability insurance. Very few companies in Ottawa carry shoring insurance.

Who is Mr.Foundation and how long have you been in business?

Patrick LeCours, owner and president of Mr.Foundation, started out his career as a general contractor in 1987, specializing in tenant improvements. He quickly assessed that the Ottawa-Carleton region had a great need for foundation and structural repair. He formed Mr.Foundation, Inc. in 1992, acquired the exclusive rights to the patented Ram Jack® System in 2002, and has been growing ever since. Members of our crew are continuously being educated and trained in the construction technology industry to provide improved service to our clients.

What type of warranty do you offer?

Mr. Foundation is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty on waterproofing and crack repair; 10 years on structural and RAM JACK® repairs.

Do you provide references?

Mr.Foundation has worked on thousands of houses and we would be proud to provide you with references upon request.

How quickly can you come see my foundation?

We provide a 24hr.-dispatched service, where the problem will be assessed, followed up with a written solution and an estimate outlaying the contents of the job.

Transparency from Start to Finish.

Professional Assessment & Quotation

Transparent process & communication

24x7 Info at your finger tips

Easy access to all project details, at all times, from anywhere:

  • Estimates and Invoices
  • Timelines, schedules, status updates
  • Work in progress photos
  • Contracts, permits, design plans

Easy to work together

No missed calls, no missed records.. Every communication is responded by the correct team member.

  • Simplified communications with all messages at one place.
  • Simplified payments done at one place.

Mr. Foundation's Customer Portal makes it easy

Once you have booked an assessment, you will receive a secure web link to Mr. Foundation's customer portal for personalized customer experience., with all information at your finger tips.

We can do small structural repairs. At the same time, we are competent enough to do full structural repairs of any complexity.


Watch these videos to know more ...


Jacking up a 65 ton, two-storey house to make more living space

Full foundation restoration

Complete restoration of an old property

Foundation Repair in Ottawa, since 1992

Written transferable warranty for all work.

Mr. Foundation is an Ottawa foundation repair company you can trust.

Service Area

Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Mr. Foundation is one of the most reliable full-service foundation repair companies in Ottawa, since 1992. We service the entire Ottawa valley, including

  • Ottawa
  • Kanata
  • Nepean
  • Orleans
  • Barrhaven
  • Manotick
  • Glebe
  • Westboro
  • Stittsville
  • Kemptville
  • Vars
  • Kars
  • Carleton Place
  • Pakenham
  • Gloucester
  • Alta Vista
  • Bells Corners
  • Rideau Heights
  • Rockcliffe Park
  • Island Park
  • Sandy Hill
  • Cumberland
  • Rockland
  • Beacon Hill
  • Metcalfe
  • Russell
  • Mississippi Mills
  • Dunrobin