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The RamJack® Solution

In most instances, foundation issues do not need to be considered severe problems, but they are serious and should be addressed as soon as they become apparent. Mr. Foundation includes installation of concrete piers, helical piers and steel push piers to underpin and/or stabilize the problem area of an existing foundation.

Mr. Foundation is an exclusive certified installer for Ram Jack® Foundation Repair Systems, a hydraulic piering system composed of hydraulically driven deep and helical piers, a cost effective technology to re-level structures and alleviate future settlement of foundations.

Ottawa Foundation Repair with Ram Jack

See these videos to know more about the capabilities and superiority of Ram Jack and why we preferred to partner with Ram Jack to bring the best foundation repairs solution to Ottawa.

Hydraulically Deep Driven Steel Piers

Proven the most reliable system on the market today. The brackets — both commercial and wall-mounted — install with speed and efficiency and transfer foundation loads to the pier column in axial orientation for maximum dependability.

Click here to view or download PDF with detailed technical specifications

Helical Anchors Support System

  • Helical Anchors are used for very specific applications:
  • Retaining and Basement Wall Tie/Backs
  • Floor Slabs
  • Pre-Construction Foundations
  • Porches

Click here to view or download PDF with detailed technical specifications

The RamJack® Solution Step By Step

Step 1 : Assessment.

Mr. Foundation provides an onsite evaluation to determine the causes of settlement. A reputable soil engineer is dispatched to determine the soil conditions. Once Mr. Foundation has determined that settlement is the cause, we will then commission a structural engineer’s advice and drawings for the repair.

Step 2 : Obtaining a Building Permit.

All piering jobs — whether it is underpinning with concrete or deep steel elements —requires a building permit, this is the building code law.

Step 3 : Site Preparation.

Plants and trees will be carefully removed and relocated. Mr. Foundation crews will designate and mark off where the piers will be driven.

Step 4 : Excavation.

Complete excavation of the affected area.

Step 5 : Driving the Piers.

Engineers are on-sight to verify the depth of the drive and hydraulic pressures. With this information we can then calculate the piers capacity after the pier has reached refusal. Once we’ve completed all pier drives we randomly select 25% of the total drives and individually test the pier with a hydraulic load cell to 2 times its design load (building code requirement). The procedure is verified by the site engineer.

Step 6 : Locking the Piers.

Once we are completely satisfied that all the piers have been tested, we then lock off the pier in its place by bolting down the locking tension cap.

Step 7 : Stabilizing.

The house is now stabilized and warranted not to settle for 20 years.

Step 8 : Cleaning up.

Surface grade is levelled and ready for landscaping. Landscaping is not provided by Mr.Foundation.

We would like to have the opportunity to put our experience to work for you. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer a 20-year warranty on the Ram Jack® Solution.

Planning Foundation Repair in Ottawa?

We offer a 20-year warranty on the Ram Jack® Solution.

the work had been done very competently

In the fall of 2005, we hired Mr. Foundation to replace three foundation walls in our home on Rosemere Avenue in Old Ottawa East.

This was a massive and difficult project, with plenty of potential for disaster. We were obviously very concerned that any mistakes could result in more damage to our house and physical danger to the crew, passers-by and ourselves (since we continued to live in the house during the construction).

Happily, we can report that the foundation replacement project was a success and the experience a highly positive one for us.

(…) Although we first approached this project with trepidation, by the time it was completed we were confident that the work had been done very competently, giving our old house a new lease on life and giving us a healthier environment to live in.

Stephen Dale, Ottawa