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Ottawa Basement floor cracks seeping water

Basement floor cracks seeping water? Read on to find why this might be happening in your basement, or call us for a free evaluation to fix Ottawa basement floor cracks seeping water.


Basement floor cracks seeping water – Causes and solutions

Mr. Foundation is a full-service basement waterproofing company in Ottawa, so we have seen many cases of basement flooding due to water seeping in from cracks in basement floor.

Basement floor cracks may be caused by concrete curing-related issues or the settling/ shrinkage of the ground beneath the flooring.

Some of the main reasons of water seeping through basement floor cracks are –

1. Plumbing issues – Clogged drains, leaking pipes or similar reasons.

2. Clogged gutters or downspouts, and/ or their improper drainage.

3. Groundwater – Rain or melting snow can increase the level of water in the ground near your basement. Sometimes this water may find its way up through your basement floor, through the cracks in the basement floor. This is especially true if water is coming up through basement floor after heavy rains, or if water is coming in basement where walls meet floor.

Have you confidently diagnosed the reason for water intrusion in your basement?

You can solve a problem only if you know it’s cause, otherwise you can only patch up the apparent problem, and hope that the problem will be solved.

Get a free professional evaluation within 48 hours. Our free diagnosis is always in your best interest.

Why not to ignore basement floor cracks seeping water

As a property owner you would defintely know that prolonged seepage of water can cause various types of structural damages.

Apart from this, humidity can lead to creating an uncomfortable living space in your house, invite molds, mildew and insects, as well as increase your air conditioning costs. Remember, the humidity will not stay only in the basement. It will affect your entire property to varying degrees.

As you can imagine, this will lower the value of your property too.

So, we think you should not delay repair of basement floor cracks seeping water.

How to fix basement floor cracks seeping water?

Your goal should be to remove water away from your basement floor. Just patching over the problem, thinking that it will go away may not be a good solution in many cases.

Solving the core of the problem can save you lot of stress, money and time in the long run.

Many basement floor cracks without seepage of water could be repaired yourself using off the shelf solutions but when there is water seepage happening then it is better if you call in a professional for a proper diagnosis.

Why to call a professional?

– Professional evaluation can expose bigger problems which an untrained eye may not be able to see. Solving problems sooner can save you money and keep your property in better health.

– If the solution involves installing interior drainage system with a sump pump, then it should be done professionally because it take a lot of experience to do this job well.

Basement waterproofing in Ottawa – A completely hassle-free experience

✔ We take care of everything.*

✔ We leave your property clean and in a better condition.

✔ You get peace of mind with a written transferrable warranty of 10 years.

*For more details, please check our detailed quote.

Thanks for the good work

I had patched my basement floor many times but this year when it rained heavily, my basement got flooded. Thanks for the good work. Your diagnosis and work look solid. I think now I can use my basement without any worries.

Rob Feldman, Kanata