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Leaky basement Ottawa : Things you should know – Basement leak repair costs in Ottawa might start from something around $150 depending on the nature of basement leak, the waterproofing solution and the basement waterproofing contractor you choose.

As you can imagine, correct leak diagnosis is the most important aspect for guaranteed basement leak fix. Mr. Foundation has been fixing leaky basement in Ottawa-Carleton area since 1992. We have tried and tested many solutions and seen many customer stories. Your leaky basement in Ottawa will be fixed using the most appropriate method solving the root of the problem.

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Some contractors promise lifetime warranty but make sure to understand what is covered and what’s not. We do not give lifetime warranties. We solve the problem for good, we do it right but we do not oversell. We have numerous testimonials from satisfied customers in Ottawa-Carleton area. Mr. Foundation is not a general contractor. We are focused on solving basement waterproofing problems in Ottawa and you will get full 10 year transferable warranty on all basement waterproofing solutions we provide.

Leaky Basement Ottawa

Leaky basement Ottawa : Be sure about the basement leak source before you invest your dollars.

Sometimes a leak showing up in the basement has nothing to do with basement repairs! It could even be water trickling down the roof and finding its way to your basement traveling through the interior frame of your house.

In some houses, water penetration will occur after virtually every rain. In other houses, it will occur only after periods of prolonged rain, and in still others, it will only happen with wind-driven rain or during a spring thaw.

You need to be sure about the source of your basement leak before spending hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars in some cases.

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Your basement leak will be carefully evaluated by expert experienced technicians. Sometimes, with your permission, we may need to remove the drywall or other obstructions to correctly diagnose the problem but rest assured that such steps are in your best interest.

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Mr. Foundation is a recognized industry leader and is routinely consulted for its expertise in foundation repair, basement waterproofing, and drainage system.

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