Foundation Inspections Ottawa

There are few things more important to the integrity of a house than its foundation. Or course you want to make sure that your foundation is in sound condition but it’s not always easy to make that type of judgment unless you are a professional. Don’t leave things to chance, or free advice from a DIY neighbour.  Book us for a proper Foundation Inspection today. We will do a thorough investigation and write up a comprehensive report of our discoveries. Trust the pros at Mr. Foundation for the best advice.

Pre-Purchase / Sell Inspections Ottawa

Buying or selling a property can be a nerve wracking experience.  This is especially true about older homes that are no longer covered by builder warranties or Tarion warranties.  Regular property inspectors don’t typically have the in depth training and experience to evaluate foundations properly.  That’s why you need the trusted pros at Mr. Foundation for the best advice.

Insurance Claims Ottawa

When big things go wrong with your foundation, you know the price tag to fix it is going to be high.  The first reaction is how will we pay for this.  The second is do we have insurance to cover it.  If you are lucky to have a good homeowner policy then you still need to go through proper process to put in a claim.  We do assessments for both homeowners and claims adjusters.  Our analysis is impartial and correct.  Our aim is to provide well documented evidence to ensure a fair settlement for both parties.  If you need a thorough, well documented analysis of any foundation issues, give us a call.  We’ll do it once and do it right.