Some audio recordings

of Mr. Foundation’s radio talk shows

Please listen to these mp3 files to know more about Mr. Foundation and foundation repair.

  1. Services provided by Mr. Foundation 0:32
  2. Soil conditions in Ottawa 0:32
  3. Insurance and warranties provided by Mr. Foundation 0:32
  4. If you suspect damage, it is better to call us sooner rather than later. 0:32
  5. How soon does Mr. Foundation respond? 0:32
  6. What permits are involved? 0:32
  7. What is the Ram Jack system? 0:32
  8. What is involved in the Waterproofing? 0:32
  9. Identifying the Trouble Signs 0:32
  10. Sagging beams and it's problems 0:33
  11. How does Mr. Foundation work? 0:33
  12. What is brick stepping? 0:33
  13. Mr. Foundation is a family business. 0:32

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” We would like to thank your crew for doing such a great job on the foundation work on our home. It was a lot of work, especially getting those two tones of clay up the ramps, and they did the job and did it well, always polite and left the worksite secure and clean at the end of each day.”

– Bob & Wendy Heitshe, Orleans