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Foundation Repair in Winter Ottawa – 613.746.7300

Foundation repair in winter can be done perfectly with proper knowledge of techniques and the correct equipment. If you notice any signs of foundation damage, do not wait for the problem to increase, or the weather to change. Mr. Foundation Ottawa has the process expertise and correct equipment for winter foundation repair. We are an all weather foundation repair company in Ottawa. Please call us at 613.746.7300 for reliable foundation repair in winter.

ottawa foundation repair in winter

Power blankets being used for foundation repair in winter.

About one third of Ottawa is located above sensitive marine clay (leda clay) which is sensitive to geological and climate changes. Winter can be harsh for your foundation with soil beneath the foundation expanding and contracting according to weather and humidity changes. Ottawa South and Ottawa East are particularly susceptible to this problem.

foundation repair is possible in winter

Mr. Foundation does reliable foundation repair in winter.

If you have a leaking basement or a cracking foundation do not wait for the spring season. We use power blankets to deliver directional heat where it is needed to thaw frozen soil. This technology allows Mr Foundation to do foundation repairs all throughout the winter months.

The freeze/ thaw cycles caused by ever changing Ottawa winter weather can escalate damage to your foundation. Fix minor repairs now before they become too big. It is important to professionally evaluate and repair the foundation at the earliest. We provide free quotes. Please call 613.746.7300 for foundation repair in Ottawa.

Planning foundation repair in winter?

There is no big premium for foundation repair in winter.

Call us for a free evaluation. In many cases, it will be cheaper to repair early rather than wait for spring.

Why Mr. Foundation?

  1. We make no false claims. Our work is backed by a 10-year transferable warranty on waterproofing and crack repair; 20 years on structural and RAM JACK® repairs.
  2. We follow the principle – Do it once, Do it right.
  3. Exclusive rights to the superior and patented Ram Jack® System of foundation repair. The patented Ram Jack System® is proven to be the most reliable system on the market today.
  4. We are fully insured under all facets of Labour (WISB), Structural repairs (shoring), and product liabilities. We are one of the few companies in Ottawa to have shoring insurance.
  5. Ongoing continuous staff training with all employees trained with the Ontario Safety Board. Mr. Foundation is a member of many professional associations.

Foundation repair should always be given top priority. There is no big premium for foundation repair in winter. Do not wait for spring. Please call 613.746.7300 for reliable foundation repair in winter.