Concrete Cutting Ottawa

Concrete Cutting Ottawa by Mr. Foundation’s experienced concrete cutting and coring professionals helps repair, restore and build new concrete structures with total confidence. Decades of experience in foundation repair and very deep understanding of concrete structures allows us to accomplish concrete cutting and concrete coring very safely, with great speed, at most affordable prices . Please call us to get a free quote for Concrete Coring and Concrete Cutting Ottawa.

Concrete Cutting Ottawa

Concrete Cutting –
Repair, Restore and Create Concrete Structures With Total Confidence.


Concrete Coring Ottawa

Concrete Coring
Coring concrete, asphalt, rocks and metals

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Main benefits of concrete cutting by Mr. Foundation, Ottawa
  • Reduced construction time  – We can cut, drill and core concrete with great speed, without disturbing other project operations. Save time and money by finishing your projects faster – Call Mr. Foundation for concrete cutting in Ottawa.
  • Accurate concrete cutting – Experienced crew and correct concrete cutting equipments helps in delivering great results.
  • Fast response – Call us now to get a free quote and see how fast we can start the work.
  • Minimal disturbance / Minimal environmental impact – We restrict noise, dust and vibrations to a minimum. In many cases, normal business operations can continue while we work.
  • Safety First – Our work practices go beyond the minimum occupational health and safety requirements. Safe work practices make a difference.
  • Restricted space / limited access or other challenges are no problem for us. Our team can find innovative concrete cutting solutions to deliver the required result.
  • Large Projects / Small Projects – All our welcome.
  • Truly fully insured – We are one of the very few companies who are fully insured under all facets of Labour (WISB) Structural repairs (shoring) and product liabilities.
Serving since 1987. We do good work. Call 613.746.7300 or contact us.
Concrete Cutting Services Ottawa – Typical concrete cutting projects we undertake :
  • Residential concrete cutting
    • Walk out Basement – Basement walkouts create a separate entrance and bring in more light to your basement. We can take care of your entire basement walkout project – from excavation, concrete cutting, underpinning, waterproofing and any other concrete work that may be required.
      basement walkout ottawa

      Cutting Concrete for Basement Walkout

    • Basement Lowering – Contact us to increase basement height safely, to make more living space and to increase the value of your investment.
    • Basement floor replacement
    • Adding basement windows
    • Garage floor replacement– Get rid of your garage floor problems and ugly stains. Ask for free quote to replace garage floor.
    • Swimming Pool Removal – Safely reclaim your yard space for other uses.
    • Replacing structural foundation columns
    • Concrete Wall Cutting
      Concrete Wall Cutting Ottawa

      Concrete Wall Cutting

    • Driveway removal
    • Sidewalk removal
    • Foundation coring
    • Selective demolition
    • HVAC and doorway openings.
    • Drilling holes in concrete for utilities or fixtures.
    • Concrete core drilling

      Concrete Core Drilling Ottawa

      Concrete Core Drilling

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  • Commercial concrete cutting
    • Reinforced concrete wall sawing – Dams, Nuclear plants, Vaults use thick, reinforced concrete which can be difficult to cut using traditional methods but we have the right equipment for even the most demanding jobs.
    • Tunnel modifications
    • Runway repair
    • Parking lot re-pavement
    • Asphalt cutting
    • Road sawing
    • Cutting concrete floor
    • Concrete curb cutting – Cut curb with speed and precision, with minimal disturbance to traffic.

      Concrete curb cutting Ottawa

      Concrete curb cutting

    • Creating access to broken water/ sewer pipes by drilling into concrete.
    • Drainage holes – Hole in concrete / Hole in asphalt.
    • Concrete Drilling for Cabling, Plumbing, HVAC fitment.
    • Recessed lighting and fixtures by drilling concrete.
    • Heavy machinery decommissioning.
    • Expand existing entrance or create new ones.
    • Concrete Coring – Coring concrete walls, pipelines and other concrete structures as per project requirement.

      Concrete coring Ottawa

      Concrete Coring

    • Sampling Analysis – Core drilling to collect sample for health check of concrete.
    • Controlled Demolition – As a professional concrete cutting company in Ottawa, we can undertake selective demolition of any type of property, anywhere in Ottawa.
Construction Contractors, Property Managers, Government Sector, Parking Garages, Commercial Institutions are welcome to contact us for best quote. Please call 613.746.7300 or contact us via mail.
Concrete cutting Ottawa – We have equipments for:
  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Diamond Concrete Cutting
    Diamond Concrete Cutting Ottawa

    Diamond Concrete Cutting

  • Flat Sawing
  • Wall Sawing
  • Floor Sawing
  • Wire Sawing / Wire cutting
  • Hand sawing
  • Concrete saw cutting / Concrete sawing
  • Concrete drilling
  • Concrete removal

We service residential and commercial property owners, construction contractors, property managers and government/ municipal sector.

Please tell us your requirement at 613.746.7300 or via mail.

We provide cutting and coring in Ottawa for customers who value speed, versatility, debris-free, low noise level work. Please contact us to get your free custom quote regarding concrete cutting Ottawa

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