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Stabilize - Seal - Strengthen
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A hydraulic piering system composed of hydraulically driven deep helical piers - a cost effective
technology to level structures
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If you could prolong the lifespan of your primary asset, your home, by 25 years, wouldn't you?
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Carbon Fibre will halt any further movement or shifting of the foundation

Mr. Foundation Repairs Ottawa

logo-(2)Mr. Foundation has become one of the leading sources for Foundation Repairs in Ottawa. We draw the comparison of sound foundation restoration to a new roof. Both add equal lifespan and value to your primary asset.If you start noticing a spidery cluster of cracks creeping across the walls inside a basement or garage, this is the best and cheapest time to investigate why this is happening. As time passes, the cost and the consequences of not taking care of your home's foundation can grow exponentially.



FORTRESS Stabilization Systems

Designed and used for bowed foundation walls and poured concrete cracks. Due to high strength to weight ratio, carbon-fiber reinforcement is used in bowed basement walls, bridge columns, and concrete … [Read More...]


The Ram Jack® Foundation Repair System

Mr. Foundation is an exclusive certified installer for Ram Jack® Foundation Repair Systems, a hydraulic piering system composed of hydraulically driven deep and helical piers, a cost effective … [Read More...]

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Waterproofing your Foundation

Mr.Foundation applying Dimpled Membrane waterproofing solution. We excavate the area of the foundation to the footing level. Once excavated, we install a new weeping tile. Dimpled Membrane is then … [Read More...]